A succesful deployment of KZWeb comes with a few minimal requirements, both for the Kingdom Hall and the listeners at home.

Kingdom Hall

Experience has proved that it isn't possible to convert any computer to a stable KZWeb system. For this reason KZWeb is offered as an "appliance" (also known as "black-box"). The selected hardware and software ensures a stable and reliable system. It also means that each Kingdom Hall receives a preconfigured and pretested system before it is installed on-site.

KZWeb takes into account the specific requirements for Kingdom Halls when building the system. This can be noticed in the size of the casing and the reasonable price.

Internet connection
There are also some minimal requirements for the internet connection:

* Since KZWeb 2.0 a fixed IP address is not a requirement anymore but still highly recommended.

KZWeb is not a reseller of internet connections and the Kingdom Hall committee needs to take care of it themselves. However, the KZWeb team does have some experience with various internet access providers and can offer some suggestions.

At home:

There are various ways the listeners can obtain access to the broadcast:
Windows PC
Mac OS X / Linux
No computer
  • Webradio from "Solutionsradio"
Internet connection. Choice of:

Using a dialup connection is technically possible, though not recommended by us. The Dutch dialup connections have proven themselves to be unstable, resulting in multiple disconnects during the meetings. Dialup connections can be used in case of temporary or incidental use. For permanent use we recommend a broadband connection. In the Netherlands the costs of broadband are comparable to dialup.
Additionally more and more free dialup providers are stopping with this free service. Only subscribed customers may get service, which increases the costs.